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Author Topic: ''The World as a Dream''  (Read 2238 times)
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For many years as we have came into this world;We never know what may be in store for each other;As we grow with each day we may stop and say whats in store for tomorrow;As a child we grow with friends and set goals we hope to follow;As time goes by each day, many changes take place in our life;We go to school to learn what is important for our furture,and hopeful that one day as time has passed;our dreams in this world will always last.Dreams are sometimes things we may plan for the next day;Some say never plan for another day,for in this world your plans may go away.I say dream on and whatever the world brings, then come what may and enjoy life and tomorrow is another day!''Bobby j.Howell.''
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That's lovely, Bobby. Thank you.

Thanks, Destiny!
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