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Author Topic: Review: Manchester NH 03/08/09  (Read 2969 times)
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« on: March 11, 2009, 01:14:30 PM »

My twelfth show was at Manchester NH.  I had been anticipating this show for months; it would be my third time at the Verizon Wireless Arena.  I would be meeting Mike (Mr.Peabody) again after being with him at the glorious show and signing at Mohegan Sun the night before.

Mike and I headed over to have an early dinner... I brought him to the best steakhouse in Manchester.  We headed over to the venue early and got seated, front-row left of stage.  We were anticipating a great show.  The crowd got seated quickly and no flashbulbs went off at the beginning of the show, unlike the crowd at Mohegan Sun the night before.  The crowd also was very enthusiastic as I have come to expect at Manchester.  It had been a long time since I had seen a show from front-row.

I knew what to expect from having watched the new show from the previous night, and I would be able to concentrate on details.  I must revise my previous opinion about the new opening to "The Sky And the Dawn And the Sun."  The first night, I was not partial to the narrative opening for the song, but now having watched the entire show, I see how the opening helps to introduce the show.  Also, it's fun to listen to Chloe speak (and yes, I say it IS Chloe who does the narrative! LOL).

In my first show, I noticed the changes to "Orinoco Flow" and now I think I know why... Des now plays what looks like a lute or mandolin... you can clearly hear him playing it, and I would swear he wasn't playing that in the previous tour.  I am liking Lisa's "Fields Of Gold" and Alex's "True Colors" more and more.  And I loved loved LOVED "The Coast of Galicia" of course.

Those of you who have talked or chatted with me know that I adore Lynn's CD version of "Carolina Rua" beyond words.  I didn't mention in my Mohegan Sun review that I really was not moved by Lynn's "Carolina Rua" when I first saw it.  Now, having seen and heard the live version a second time, I like it a whole lot more.  I can see also why the song was changed slightly.  I think I will always love the studio version better but (as I have mentioned long ago when talking about their songs) it's like pizza... some is better than others, but it's all good.

Being in front-row, it's great to get on-stage interaction with the girls again after not having that in so long.  It was especially clear that Mairead recognized Mike sitting next to me, after meeting him for the first time the previous night at Mohegan Sun!  We did notice a slight problem that Mairead was having with her second-act dress: during "The Voice" as Mairead moved off near the piano after her solo, she began fumbling with her dress as if it were not wearing correctly.  We also noticed, shortly afterwards, after the conclusion of "You Raise Me Up" when the girls withdrew off-stage and the entire audience was clapping... and Mairead didn't come back out for her Encore/Medley.  Mike and I looked over at eachother and mouthed "Why isn't Mairead coming back out??"  Finally after about 30-40 seconds, Mairead came back out.  Neither of us had ever seen this happen at their shows before... we had to assume that the delay was because of Mairead's dress.

After the show, since we had no reason to rush, we stood around for a few minutes near the stage watching the crew break down the staging waiting for the crowd to thin out.  Finally making our way towards the exit in the back, we saw David Downes walking to pass by us and he made his way back from the main soundboard towards the stage.  He appeared tight-lipped and was obviously in a rush to get things done as he hurried towards us, and as he reached us I said "David... good show."  He slowed, smiled, and said "Thank you," then continued on his way.  I can imagine he suddenly remembered why he does this, why he works so hard... it's when fans (ANY fans) thank him for a good show.

We went back to Mike's hotel room and talked awhile longer.  I drove back home late (even though I had work the next morning!) and couldn't get the wonderful events of the past 48 hours off my mind...


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Boy, u really had a great time. Thanks for the review it was fun to read about ur good time. Orinoco Flow was the first time I had ever heard of CW and I think that it was either in 2006 or 07. They were performing it on PBS. I always loved that song when it was a hit many years ago and I mistakenly thought CW was the ones that originally put it out. I also mistakenly thought it was called Sail Away Huh. I'll have to buy their dvd's and patiently wait until next year if they come back to Atlanta. Thanks again..Von

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I just want to tell you what a wonderful observant review you have written here. You notice so many things that occurs during the Show, and how that compares with a previous Show you have just seen.

I enjoy reading your reviews very much; and there is nothing like sitting on the front row.


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