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Author Topic: Christmas with ChloŽ (Dec 19, 2017)  (Read 1044 times)
Nella Fantasia
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« on: December 20, 2017, 11:49:55 AM »

ChloŽ's Christmas in Columbus

On December 19, 2017, I saw ChloŽ live in Columbus, Ohio!

She gets better every time I see her! ChloŽ is such an amazing performer! She sings like an angel and with tremendous feeling. She's a great storyteller and very funny. She can make one laugh, cry, and cheer all in the same show. She's great at getting the audience engaged.


ChloŽ performed at the Shamrock Club of Columbus. It was a nice, intimate venue with an in-house bar downstairs.

The stage was decorated with a large Christmas tree.

Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet was before the show. I had been trying to find out for several weeks when the M+G was, because it didn't say on her site, the venue's site, the tickets ... I tried messaging ChloŽ, contacting the ticket vendor, contacting the venue ... Sarah, I think you're the only person that actually answered me. Lol!

ChloŽ finally sent out an email to M+G ticket holders the morning of the show, advising to register 1 hour and 15 minutes before the show, with this particular M+G starting an hour before the show.

Like the last M+G I went to at a ChloŽ solo show, the M+G was in front of the stage. She had on a short blue dress for the M+G.

As usual, I had planned things to say, but didn't end up saying much of that. ChloŽ was surprised to see me this time, so I guess the poor thing hasn't had a chance to check Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram in a while. Lol! She thanked me for attending her online shows and for suggesting she cover From A Distance, which she still uses in her set list from time to time.

She was grateful my buddy and I came all the way from Canada again to see her. Let's just say it was a long drive, but worth every mile / kilometer.

I got to hug her a few times and take some photos.

This time, I finally remembered to bring ChloŽ's DVD and one of her CDs (ChloŽ) to get signed. Third time's a charm! I also got her to sign her new Christmas EP and picked up a new pre-signed photo from the merch table as well.

I have ChloŽ her gifts (some chocolates, a card, a handmade ornament from Mary Bee, made from sheet music from Mary's tour) and a surprise for ChloŽ and Dermy  Wink

Hey, I Know You

Tony, who I know from some of the other forums and have been to a few shows with before (VoA, Rocktopia, Nathan Carter, etc) was there. Someone else recognized me from my exploits as CWazyTom as well.

Set List

The set was a mixture of Christmas songs and selections from ChloŽ's regular set list.


I don't know any other performers, aside from maybe Tara, that bring me that much joy. If you haven't seen ChloŽ perform since she left Celtic Woman, you have to add her to your bucket list.

Thank you for another wonderful show ChloŽ!

Merry Christmas!
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Good review, Tom.  I saw her the next day at Chambersburg, and I agree, it was worth every mile of traveling to see her. Smiley


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Nella Fantasia
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CWazy Canadian, ChlovŽr for life!

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Good review, Tom.  I saw her the next day at Chambersburg, and I agree, it was worth every mile of traveling to see her. Smiley

Wow! I know 4 people that went to that show in Chambersburg now.
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Got any friends? Yes! ChloŽ's been found!

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I watched her video chat with Lisa Kelly and they mentioned my name once.

Deedee Doodle is on her way to find you.
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