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Author Topic: Ireland,A place I would love to see.  (Read 3939 times)
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Ireland,The land across the sea,beautiful I have heard,but a place I may never see.The stories I have heard about this land ,by all means must be grand.Part of my own family lived here for many years.My grandfather was born and raised in Ireland and in the early 1900's came to America by ship in some bad times and we all know about bad times around that time.What my grandfather told me about Ireland,it was home to him and as a child grew up to love the Irish ways of life.As a child myself my grandfather told me many stories about Irish and how to speak with an Irish accent.I always wanted to learn more about Ireland and what my grandfather told me,but time always goes by fast,and my grandfather went back home to Rest in Peace.SO if anyone ever gets the chance to visit this beautiful land,Go there and see the beauty of it all! So when it comes to the Celtic Woman group,the lovely ladies from Ireland to sing a song about America,''OH AMERICA,TO AMERICA'' they are welcome here anytime! Thank You!
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I was so fortunate and got to spend a few days traveling around Ireland in late July of 2005; and indeed Ireland is a beautiful place to see and visit. This visit was part of a tour of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, a total of 16 days. I treasured my time there and wish I could have had more time to get to know the people there better, and to have seen more places I had read about.

These Ladies of Celtic Woman on this ďIsle of HopeĒ Tour of America are paying great tribute to America, and in doing that furthers our love of these ladies of Celtic Woman and Ireland immensely. Thank you Brandon Graham for writing this beautiful song so these ladies can pay tribute with their beautiful singing for all Americans, and anyone that loves beautiful music, to enjoy.


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It is a beautiful place. I had the great blessing of visiting there in July 2007 for the recording of the Celtic Woman Christmas concert. along the way I took side trips to Glendalough, Avoca, Newgrange, and a castle, as well as parts of Dublin. God willing I'll return.

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God willing I will go there someday too.

I really want to.

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